young man with a horn

what a film... all you ever need to know is here in this film.
thanks to the GO! family for showing it at new year... i watched it at home today, and it still had the same intensity... the relentless drive for the missing note, i can understand that creative impulse - it's been around me all my life.
excellent photography too... that film really shaped the way photographers would picture the city(no dount it was influenced by urban landscape photography beforehand...)

this year, i plan to have completed:
a book - it's all there, i just have to get my ass in gear and compile the damn thing!
an album - working on my guitar playing
the website - up and running, just need some design work on it...

what do i hope to achieve from all this creative endeavour..?
certainly not recognition - i've gotten by without it very well...
achievement, i suppose.
take it all to the next level.
it is enought to strive for it.

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