the hoochie koochie man

time to put money where mouth is, sort of.
here's a photos of me modelling by Miss O. which is for once, the other way around, as i've been taking shots of her recently in "studio eightball"
she took the photo below back september 2005 , in relation to the music project i was working on with H.
paradise subway
this was taken in the now gone paradise subway, which was on paradise street, an aptly named short piece of sh*t between victoria square and the inner ring road.
i used to work in an office in paradise street, my first proper job, in a bank aptly enough, where at one point i was dealing with £2million a day whilst living in a scummy bedsit which looked like something out of a kitchensink drama - and a few doors up is snobs nightclub where i used to go and make a fool of myself back in the early 90's...
i remember nothing about the bankjob, except that i wore some 50's inspired trousers, that look a lot like the ones that tarantula clothing now sell.
here's me modelling on the same page as the very famous bernie dexter and the very creative sweetness, who runs a magazine and is also someone i know from flickr photostreams(where our paths crossed).

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