harmonica jam

new piccadilly, london
been a busy couple of days...
matt speight who ran a myspace for one of my music projects, is starting up a cd-r label and asked if i was interested in putting out an album... so naturally i said YES! that would be nice... that project was an early internet sensation, somehow we ended-up in the top ten of the internet download surf music charts with some instrumental versions of our material.
i was really boosted when i got an email one day from some record label offering us a deal, only to find out that about 10 other random people had the same message and it was all one big hokey-dokey.
i managed to get turned down by sony records too, heh-heh... probably not a bad thing, judging by their site.
browsed the racks in Humvee today, and found a 3-disc boxset of early Sun records for £8... 65 tracks in all, mostly stuff i haven't got, pre-dating the rockabilly tracks with good ol' southern blues... damn it's good!
little junior's blue flames tear it up for me...
i managed to get a hold of an mp3 rip of an album i've been searching for - jungle rock by hank mizell, it's a cash-in album, to tie-in with the re-release of his jungle rock track that became a big hit second time around in the 70's... it's pretty good fare, just happy music, an old rockabilly turned preacher, rocking out some standards... but it's happy music.
H. spent the afternoon putting up my website: eightball photography nothing there yet, except a recent photo and a familiar minty green background, more design and imagery to come... it will look very early modernism influenced.
i've been working on a postcard for the photo-site too...
and i bought a blues-driver, which is cul-de-chien for that valve-sound howl... i was thinking about it today, it's going to sound pretty damn good.
might pluck up the courage to get tattoed this weekend...
and i've been getting stuck into pete frame's restless generation book all week.
awesome stuff.

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