bright lights, big city

jimmy reed the inventor of rock and roll(sort of).
reading his book "big boss man" right now... it was all good right up until the point i'm at now, when it starts to get a loittle bit dark(find out for yourself what happens!).
after many hours of practice - i have mastered the art of the jimmy reed shuffle... a small mountain to climb on the way to being a "guitarist" per se... it involved putting in a lot of playing and stretching the fingers on my left hand to reach that elusive progressive riff.
been playing with a Boss blues-driver... nice pedal, it gives you the f*cked-up sound of a nasty of old tube amp - i used to own one of those, when i first took up guitar back in the day... it weighed a ton, took about 10 minutes to warm up and would make a quiet whishing noise...

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