blinded by the light

it was a cold, grey monday lunchtime, and i was innocently browsing in borders, when something familiar crept into my consciousness and something old but new appeared and knocked me sideways(almost)...
they were playing manfred mann on the tannoy(no, stay with me, this gets interesting!)with their version of the brooooce springsteen song blinded by the light - and i'd never noticed how clever the lyrics were: And go-cart Mozart was checkin' out the weather chart to see if it was safe outside.
go-cart mozart of course being the band that lawrence formed(who i was incidently talking about yesterday whilst watching robin's nest).
then a book on futurism caught my eye...
i've always been a fan of the style, but only ever obsessed over a few of the more iconic images, which inspired this shot:
august birmingham flickr meet
then, looking through the book, i saw the work of an artist called Fortunato Depero, which blew me away, absolutely amazing artwork... and as i'd been working on some very futurist/deco portrait images at the weekend with Olivia, i suddenly had one of those the sky opens up and a beam of sunlight suddenly smacks you in the kisser moments, when you think "i could incorporate his design ideas with the photos i took..." and suddenly a whole host of images come flooding through... it was about all i could do to stumble out of the shop and get my ideas down.
today i discovered an old but new to me artist who impressed the heck out of me with his ideas.
and was reminded of some material that's still very familiar.
here's a video for denim(which was lawrence's band after go-kart mozart, whose back catalogue was sent to me in the post by someone called lawrence(although not the lawrence from felt!)

i like to think that the labels for this post are as random as it gets.... but still perversely relevant!

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