big boss man

looking forward to a summer of hard work and creativity.

i've lined-up a session with a hotrod couple to take photos of a run, or whatever(should be good - even if we don't go on a huge run, i can get some details).

there are some ideas for topical photography - which i am crying out to do again, something in the street, political...

music on the way - matt speight's record label idea, pushing me into recording again(and i'm already started on that, i did a quick sunday afternoon busk of ono of his original songs as a favour), there are some ideas for tunes to play...
welcome to the new sun records... i had something blues-based in mind, definately jimmy reed and booker T sounding, but also another sound - dark, cinematic rockabilly meets murder-ballad idea, with a john barry meets the stray cats feel.
one is fun, the other will be interesting.

i need to think of some other photography to do, maybe a daytrip to weston-super-mare, to do some moxette style shots(like i did at hemsby).
and some more weekenders like hemsby come to think of it.
got a rockabilly all-day event to attend, so cameras to be ready for that... even if the weather is rubbish... it'll still work out... cadillacs in the rain!
west brom cars (41)

and of course the book and the website(i am hopefully collaborating with katie on the website).

earlier on this month - i was feeling low, thinking that the world of work was falling around me like a house of cards, and then i remembered that i have other agendas to consider, that work important as it is, is a consequence and it pays the rent and keeps me in health food, coffee and whiskey, but provides little in the way of satisfaction creatively and realised that it was what i'd been planning to do back in december anyway...
i'll still never get my head round the games people play at work though - i was a late starter to corporate life(even though i'm not in a corporate enviroment at the moment, the attitude still permeates) at the age of 32-ish, after a previous life-time of ducking+diving and attending various universities, playing in bands, etc... (i love it when i get asked for a resume of my life...)
ok - here's my workplace personality profile btw.
as an addendum to what i was saying about work/life/balance, here is the dilemma in a nutshell of being creative on the net:
link heads up courtesy of pete ashton

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