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new ad for the shop

a new image for the shop - this is mainly for The Chap magazine, whom we have taken over an entire page advert from (in the february edition, which will be on sale in Borders and possibly wh smugs as well as discerning record-shops and vintage clothing outlets).
i spent a lot of time working on this beforehand, got myself a great taschen book on pulp fiction covers and spent a while trawling through the flickr groups on pulp as well...
originally i wanted to incorporate bolshevik art and maybe a touch of vortiscism into the overall feel of the image... (it would have gone with the victorian arthouse morals of the magazine, i think?), but as i thought more and more about it, the finished idea came into mind... i like the idea of using a live model and our mannequin emilio(he has that james dean/ersel hickey look about him) as an abstract concept... even if you are not into the clothing/style then the image should give you something to think about.

i plotted on using an actual bookcover and super-imposing the image of the two figures onto the cover... but decided to stick with the usual lens blurred hollywood background(as it would have become too busy).
the colouration came from perusing vintage vogue photos(hence the blue cast - mimmicking old photography stock) and i saw an ad from vintage vogue that had some killer typography.
i also got the lipstick to match the red shirt, which i thought was a neat little semiotic.
we already had the pringle style typo on the pc, and i'd wanted use the london underground font for ages(as i missed out on using it for the last ad i did for the shop(and regretted it... it's a great simple font).
i like the way the shadow on the base of the image frames the typo and then fades into the image itself... that took a little bit of magic in photoshop(where i also removed the mannequin's right hand as it looked a bit suspect).
this was my first foray into RAW photography, which is great for studio work, if i'm not taking a lot of shots(i watched another photographer over the summer(stupid stu - where are you?) use RAW and dump it directly onto his laptopwhich kept crashing... big files, you have to be very selective using them... but much easier to re-adjust in PP, and cleaner looking too.
that's one of my suit jackets in the photo(as well as a pair of 501's that i can't wear anymore as the back pockets are falling off... i did a swap though - now that i've lost loads of weight, i swapped them for the smaller 34" that the mannequin had on all last year), as well as a pair of my fake wayfarers, that i have ditched in favour of the real ones, which now actually cost less than the ones in the photo, thanks to ebay...
this image will feature on a postcard/fridge magnets and possibly anything else we can decide to print onto...
one of the people i did a session with last year(katie), suggested i use a more life-like setting, so i'm going to incorporate that at some point and use our cocktail bar as a tiki-style location, and include some vintage bar-ephemera....
come to think of it - i need to get that bar going again, and start getting loaded, while sitting on the bar-stool there.
it's so much more dignified.
never get drunk outside of your own house, that's what jack kerouac said.

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