a shot of rhythm and blues

vince taylor and his playboys/brand new cadillac e.p.
out today - jet black leather machine on ace records, now playing on the eightball dansette.
excellent album, good quality as it's on ace records.
great music too, primitive and sophisticated at the same time!
killer version of endless sleep on there...
that's a photo of his brand new cadillac ep above
crazy story time - i used to go on about how much vince looked like morrissey, and at the time H. was putting out a morrissey website, where it was mentioned on the forum about his resemblance... it all became a bit of an in-joke(meant with a lot of respect of course, as i am a massive fan of both singers).
so we got to see morrissey play at the NECC or NIA - i can never be bothered with whatever acronym they want to use to describe a bit concrete barn with one tiny little bar that sells shite beer in warm plastic cups... and after the support act (the very disapointing PJ Harvey - who i'd been a a fan of back in '94) and that bloody woman he always has for support(someone threw beer over her, but she carried on....), they were showing some old rock&roll videos of... vince taylor, much to the confusion of the non-rockin' audience, who thought it was morrissey or gene vincent...
H. was involved in a writing circle recently, who plotted on a story of morrissey having a baby... and there on the front cover of his new album, he's holding a baby...

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