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another year begins.
i've kind of set the bar a little high already, having done such a strong image as the one for the shop, and now i'm going to have to work really hard to better myself already(with the year only just over 3 weeks old).
my one new year resolution is of course, to learn guitar properly this year, and to learn the basics of song structure, instead of faking it - like i've always done.
it's not that i can't play/write/compose whatever(i did write and play everything on (ahem) two albums a few years ago... i just never knew why/how it worked, or if i was doing anything rwong.
i will be studying the art of rockabilly/blues guitar and song structure.
so far the literature count is: learn rockabilly guitar dvd, learn blues guitar book+cd, blues guitar for dummies, brian setzer guitar dvd(with scales/chords)...
i've managed to spend a grand total of about three hours actually wading through all this.
i need to lock myself away for a few hours a night, i've been trying to learn this stuff in the lounge - but it looks like there's too many distractions.
and i need to dig out that harmonica too(as it sounds sweet).
it all goes back to a few years ago when i saw a blues band in some long forgotten and since demolished pub in town, late at night.
they'd come on after a battle of the band contest was held - featuring the cream of struggling, ie - crap, local bands.
basically they blew the others away.

properly blew them away, and they knew it.
i always wanted to be able to play that music(my first band was a blues band, as the drummer), on guitar.
now i have the wherewithall, i just have to apply myself.
plus there's something addictive in chuck berry's D-tuning riff that brian setzer uses in "rock this town".
the "blues for dummies" actually explains most of the details of all this - so i'm looking forward to getting it all down and maybe even start recording...

i can already play rockabilly, on a basic level, as some of the stuff on myspace/reverbnation will testify, but the idea is of course, that by this time next year, i will be a competent blues/rockabilly guitarist - maybe good enough to front a band.
we shall see.
it's frustrating to watch others do it, as i have the ideas, i just need the ability (and the sidemen).

last year, i had a session with some mates in the studio (where we go in and muck around for a few hours, jamming), there was a rockabilly band in one of the studios and i have to admit i was gutted that it wasn't me in there playing that music.

i've also discovered that i don't like a much respected rockabilly guitar icon.
he's pants.
i don't care, i've listened with open ears to a few hours of his fumbling through jazz/blues/rockabilly with his stubby fingers... and i'm not that impressed.
brian setzer is a god though.
one of the coolest.

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