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well, a fine day out - a last minute decision to head north, and i'm listening to buddy holly on the train looking over stockport... feeling like i'm in a 50's film (thanks to the never changing scenery).
we were intending to do some serious vintage shopping in manchester - and of course started off at afflecks palace, which is/was how quiggins used to be in liverpool back in the early 90's(a maze of stalls selling vintage clothing and contemporary antiques), just before the spectre of gentrification tried to kill off it's individuality... lots of little shops on many levels, selling clothing and stuff that appeals to the hordes of emo-kids... it used to be a bit more individual, but there seems to be a trend now for lots of stalls selling branded alternative wear(£20 for a labelled wallet?) and the actual vintage stuff being sidelined and priced way above it's value(you aint gonna sell it if it's a lot cheaper on ebay, y'know)... still it's always worth spending a few hours in afflecks as the remaining vintage clothing stalls are filled with pure gold and we ended-up having lunch in the top floor cafe... then off to american graffiti, a vintage shop selling mainly ornaments and women's wear, but i thought it was a bit too fancy dress hire(which they sold), so sidled out and into rockers, which sells a lot of stuff that gets sold in the other-half's shop... i did eye-up some lucky 13 t-shirts, out of the piles of black clothing, but nothing in my size... then over the road to cafe pop, which always throws up a good selection of vintage goodies in clothing and furniture(but again, £300 for a vintage dining table that may be repro..?), we had a good look around and i spotted a shirt-jacket i had been after in a certain flannel pattern(the exact one!), but it was way too big, so back on the racks it went...
there was a young hipster girl handing out flyers on oldham street, for blue rinse, so i spotted the sign for tib street, and we were in like flynn... very basic inside, racks with vintage clothing everywhere, no attitude and just more racks of stuff... reminded me a lot about how a clothes shop like this should be... good prices too, and although mostly 80's revival casual clothing, there was a fine selection of denim and hunting jackets(where i picked-up an early version of the Woolrich Lands End hunting coat, for £20... a bargain!).
see photo below(this is the modern version, virtually the same except that the jacket i got is shorter, with a zip and side pockets...), been after one of these items for a good few months now, and i wish i'd had one over this freezing cold winter(i would've had it with me in spain!).
but i liked it in there - thumbs up.
so that was that - a good day's shopping over(the other half got some wool, so happy), and we went off to urbis, for a toilet break and a well-earned cup of tea... and sat in the great little cafe with a plate glass wall that afforded views of yet more groups of emo-kids, all looning about in the mild weather in the open square...
this is a good gallery, and i cant recall having been here before... saw a baulleaqxy exhibition by some lad who had gone to all the trouble of taking urbex shots very expertly with a good looking camera set-up, which he then proceeded to warp and fork around with, spoiling the shots... pity - could've been good.
then downstairs to the middle foor for a look at the art of emory douglas - i liked his stuff, he was Minister of Culture for the Black Panther movement, and his work was very reminiscent of Ben Shahn, who was himself a bit of a revolutionary, who in turn was copied by almost everyone, most especially david stone martin, who did all the great artwork on the early blue note covers... now i used to read straight no chaser and often bought it more for the artwork than the writing(which was usually about some gig in london that about 5 people in the know attended), but at their very best, i can see they drew a lot of inspiration from the art of emory douglas...
so, that was good, discovering how it all ties in with jazz and emancipation...
nice gallery, plenty of indoor space to chill-out in, and i wish we'd gone there for lunch as well, a plate of chips and two teas for £6 in the city centre..?

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