the guitarman

i've started listening to the solo work of danny gatton - i already know him from his tracks with robert gordon, and i've cherry-picked a 3 hour best-of, from his albums, to get an overview of his work, and style of playing.
this year i'm pushing the guitar-playing side of my music, which was woefully lacking any decent guitar chops (and keyboard chops, as i'm seriously under-rehearsed due to the fact that i also have to take photos, work out, read a lot, keep house, make pilgrimages to vintage clothing emporiums and work/eat/sleep... it's a life!), so i'm going to be sitting down and learning this stuff... apologies to the domster for not being too chatty on the bus, but i am seriously cribbing guitar music at the moment!
some of danny gatton's work is a bit fret-worthy... lots of bluesy riffs, and soulful trills up and down the neck a lot... i imagine he played a lot with his eyes closed, but i'm willing to forgive the eric claptonisms for his skill as a guitarist.
having seen him interviews and read about him in the billy poore rockabilly book, DG has a very blue collar attitude to his art(he used the phrase "blue collar" a lot, preferring of course to work on hot-rods, as he never had to rehearse... which is not something i can do, i'm no chet baker...).

this year i will be hopefully pursuing the photography as a small business interest, website under construction, and book in production.

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