Miss O.
Miss O. looking very streamline moderne(good cheekbones - i saw her getting her hair done for the shoot and noticed the angle) - not only looking the part but a damn good photographer in her own right (she took some photos ages ago for the music project i was recording with H. for).
i took my cues for this from hurrell as usual - heavy lighting on the side of the face to bring out the neckline, and slightly off-centre lighting on the other side to give a diffused face with little shadow... it looks good in colour - but this has a very classic quality to it, so works well in sepia(with a little contrast added for emphasis)...
more to follow, as i work on them.

i spent the rest of the weekend immersed in "on the waterfront"... surely the greatest film ever made - classic imagery and loads of great jackets (lots of woolrich style coats and leather jackets).
one of those films that had an immense effect on me, the first time i saw it - and i'm still influenced by it today...

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