on the road

on the road
words will never express the moment when i "got" on the road by jack kerouac... much more than a novel, a story of the dream of freedom and hope...
i started my own odyssey after reading this book, crisscrossing scotland on buses, watching the sun come up on a different coast.
that feeling on a summer's evening that the world had just opened-up it's doors to you and it was all there to see... i didn't need drugs or religion - this was my enlightenment.
i must've bought a good few copies of this book in various editions(and even two of the same edition as my other copy was out of reach...), it's always been there for me when i needed to be reminded of the why.
this year - i found an audio copy of it, which i listened to on bus journeys... although i do own an album of kerouac reading from it himself... i've read pretty much all his other books - even considered myself a bhuddist for a while(as if!), spent the last 25 years in and out of polo necks/cord jackets, i have the copy of howl by allen ginsberg somewhere, various other beat publications...
the scroll that formed the original version(although not the published one), is on tour, and none other than carolyn cassady(and various literary buffoons) herself turned-up to oversee the opening night in birmingham... the scroll has kerouac's typing(i'm not going into the history of it here) and his actual handwriting where he has corrected various points... this is close as i will get to the essence of the very book that changed my life and set me off on a reckless course of creativity...
carolyn cassady
i used the subtle palm-cam(my little blue olympus μ600), as i knew there would be issues in taking photos of the event - people have been pursued for taking photos of the scroll itself...

CC turned up with someone dressed in beat-uniform, and she seemed sweet enough(although if you know her life - she's had a rough time of it here and there...).
she hung out with all the beats, ginsberg, kerouac and was of course married to neal.
i should get her book off the road - and put it on my reading list!
oddly enough i'd woken up in the morning in the hills near granada in spain, and had spent the day travelling home by plane and cab...
some habits never leave you, i suppose.

film shot "on the road" the night before in spain:

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