never trust a woman in a black cadillac

i spent late saturday afternoon at the doctor sketchy's anti-artschool session in the queen victoria, in the city centre.
the queen vic, for what it's worth - used to have a camp, theatrical vibe to it... all wood panels and framed black+white photos all over the walls, but now - like a lot of pubs, it has gone the way of the social perestroika ...and been given a make-over.
i don't have to work in or run a pub with my own money though, so it's not my decision... just an observation that so many traditional pubs seem to be heading that way over the last few years, not that i'm bothered - i'd rather be in a coffee-shop... we need decent coffee-shops, like the one in beatgirl:
beat girl scene
"squares - they always got somewhere to go..."
why not solve the binge drinking crisis, by stressing to young people that it was only old farts used to go out and get drunk enough to fight?
my dream job would be of course, running a rock'n'roll coffeeshop... but like an alcoholic landlord, i would probably drink all the profits..!

dr sketchy's was upstairs - possibly the first event of it's kind in the city(although the "franchise" has gone around the U.S. and the U.K.), you turn up with pencils and paper, a burlesque performer comes onstage, does a short version of her act and then throws a burlesque pose for 20 minutes.
i thought this would be a good event to take out the 50's camera, with the canon as back-up to take standard shots.
the kodak brownie performed well(not too many problems operating two cameras at once, plus the DSLR) and i managed to get quite a good selection of images from the event.
running the olympus on a slow exposure to get as much light as possible was a must though(i had brought the wrong flash, but i'm not a fan of flash anyway, so no loss...) - giving me that very vintage blur on the slightest movement(i was running the 50s-cam on a tripod and was planning to use the remote wireless flash).
having seen the recent rather good live shots taken by pete ashton with his TTV contraption i thought this would be ideal(mainly as the subject was going to be sitting still long enough).
dr sketchy's anti-artschool
nice colours though.
someone else at the event who was taking shots with a regular DSLR asked me about the technique
maybe i've got a new convert...
dr sketchy's anti-artschool
yes - to blurring and vignette - when you want it to happen!
i didn't take up my pen and draw though - i haven't done any drawing in years, probably as a result of having spent many, many afternoons with graphite pencils and rough paper... skeletons were my favourite subject matter, bloody brilliant engineering work, once you get in depth...
but i digress...
nice little event, kind-of informal like a flickr photomeet
dr sketchy's anti-artschool
not at all like a regular burlesque event... just nice and friendly people.
finished it all off with a JD+ice.
dr sketchy's anti-artschool


i heart joan said...

great pictures, and a really fun evening!
That blurred one of Emerald Ace is fantastic xxx

Tim said...

kind-of informal like a flickr photomeet

I had sort-of wondered if we couldn't do something similar at a flickrmeet (not necessarily burlesque - just arrange a venue and model(s), and split the cost between those attending). Thing is it requires actual organising and a degree of commitment from participants (People who say the will be at the next Flickrmeet, and people who actually turn up are not always the same thing, which doesn't matter when no one is paying for rooms or models)

eightball said...

emerald ace's costume was very photogenic - a great piece of stagewear...

as for arranging something - the whole evening was arranged by who is a photographer on flickr anyway, might be worth having a chat with her about something like that... the whole doctor sketchy's thing is to organise burlesque modelling sessions...

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