vintage microphone tattoo
another weekend another tattoo...
been meaning to get this one done for a long enough time, there it is... i like old music, rockabilly, jazz, jump+jive, blues... statement of fact on my arm.
dave who did the inking, was chuffed to be doing it - we ended-up chatting about old microphones... as he's a musician.
i had a similar microphone to this when i was 16... working in an electrical shop, bought as a job lot off the shop-manager(a real alan partridge character) a crappy guitar(weighed a ton and sounded very dull, a cheapo bright metallic red SG copy), came with a selmar valve amp(and tremelo switch... YES!) ... and a free microphone just like the one above.
i remember throwing it around a lot(like we used to do to old stuff, because back in 1981 you think it will be around forever)... and the singer in some practice band i was in got electric shocks off it(so into the cupboard it went).
last night - i was in the chinese take-away, and saw an advert in the bargain pages i was leafing through: "wanted elvis microphone - as cheap as possible"
that was funny....

not as funny as the tattoo studio owner mistaking me for my brother though... as i've been on my diet and lost 2.5 stone - he didn't think it was me.
can't imagine anyone else in my family being so irresponsible as to hang around tattoo shops!

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