one on one

i have something up my sleeve for jon bounds excellent eleven bus project.
not going to say what - but it will have some original hammond music on it(and no, i will not be trying to transport one on a bus for 11 hours... although it is a good idea!).
i travel the 11 twice a day... and have to put up with the usual belligerant yokels, who it would seem are as incapable of reading the conditions of carriage, as they are of understanding the rules of behaviour printed on the stairwell...
yesterday was probably the most surreal, a fully grown man, in a white hoodie blasting out cosovan music from a little cellphone... the music was fine, i enjoyed it - but he was a trifle old i felt to be acting like nathan barley whilst dressed like caspar the friendly ghost...
oh and guys, buy a ticket now and then... it's cool to support utilitarian transport once in a while.

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