dirty water

well, i joined a band a few weeks ago, and they've been having trouble organising everyone to get together... today it actually happened, much to my surprise!
i was getting picked-up in smethwick by philthy jim who would take me to the studio - so naturally i got my camera out while i was waiting-
when we got to the studio, i found out out it's in an old warehouse building, the sort of thing populated by lots of micro-businesses, a regular rat-warren of people coming and going, with plenty of discarded machinery sitting around, gathering dust...
i love smelly old buildings sometimes...
the studio was small and functional - carpet on the walls, and lots of comfy seating, that sort of thing you find in most little studios... but they had this beast of a keyboard in there though:
CX-3 or a BX-3
loved it, couldn't stop bloody playing the thing, just like a hammond... and luckily my years of fiddling with the switches on old organs paid off, as i was able to ramp up and down and get some good sounds out of it...
a korg hammond-clone, either a CX-3 or a BX-3...
might actually be worth sticking around - just to get my mitts on this on a regular basis!!!
got a lift back, with filthy phil and the drummer who has a classic ford escort 1300... ah the memories of riding around on one of these aged 18...

not this model though - the lad who i grew up with next door had a sky blue mexico, and he'd take me and a few others out on mad, hair-raising drives through the countryside... we'd zoom around yelling abuse at yokels or flipping on the handbrake in the fastlane... hours of fun.
he got peeved one day, when he lost a hubcap... and blamed me and a friend for it... actually it was all a ruse to get himself alone with a girl we knew(whcih was kind-of pathetic... but that's boyracers for you...)

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