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i was reminded of the fantastic Clifton cinema on the other side of birmingham the other day, as i was passing it on the way home... so i planned a sunday morning trip to it with my camera:

yes... it's run down and a sad reflection of the pleasure palace it undoubtedly used to be, windswept in the grey morning air... the life looks like it has been beaten out of it, it's now a bingo hall - although i've yet to see it ever open.

those simple twin towers on either side are still very striking(they are hollow - with an office and stairwell behind them...).
art deco morning
and who could resist a stopover at the tuckers fasteners factory, on the way home...
simple, striking art deco - understated and minimal, you'll remember seeing this building.
art deco morning
whilst it's no hoover factory(5 miles out of london, on the western avenue, must've been a wonder when it was brand new), it's very much a charles holden style classic.


Anonymous said...

The bingo hall shut a few months back which is a pity as it's difficult to see anyone being able to afford to use the building.

eightball said...

i'd love to wander around inside... i saw them tearing-up the old cinema on smethwick high street - with a digger, and you could see all this art-deco stuff getting trashed...
i'd want to at least record it, before it bites the dust(literally).

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