too hip - gotta go

been a quiet weekend, just keeping myself low and steady... takin' time out to watch some old movies, lift weights and shape my sideburns heh-heh... uploading old rockabilly and shreikback tracks to the iriver, maybe play a little bit of guitar later.
received some dark ace brown leather engineer boots by caterpillar from ebay and picked-up my old flight jacket from the drycleaners, which was having a new zip added... i bought this jacket last year in the spring and i've only just got around to replacing the zip that was initially broken on it when i bought it from a shop in hollywood - and they put an old looking zip right back on the jacket, so i'm chuffed to say the least, as it's nearly 30 years old and i was loosing sleep over someone slicing it up and sticking on a zip in the wrong color or something... but they made a darned good(pun intended) job of it, so now i have an old jacket to keep me warm.
today was also the day for copying photos to disks for all the models that i've worked with, as H. put some decent copying software on the PC... i love taking photos, working on them in photoshop etc... but the mundane stuff like putting them on cd's for people who've made an effort to work with me, i tend to leave till the last minute(see footnote).
now i'm just loitering with intent, bidding on black wayfarers on ebay... so if you're going to be doing nothing all day - then at least do something f***ing cool!

note: i would add in my defense that i did actually run a pile of cd's off, with images and stuff on them - but that the PC cocked it up... and rather than commit laptopicide, i decided to leave things for a few days...

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