my mistakes were made for you

this song just blows me away... it's got a big city soul backbeat, very early 60's feeling... and that great tremelo/reverb guitar thing, with the classic scott walker vocal and string arrangement... pure understatement in the sound.
the album is damned good too... is it me, or do they sound like broadcast meets the early shamen sound with of course the young scott walker... all off-kilter waltz rhythms and strings, with some odd electronic noodling going off now and then... maybe even a bit of ladytron ...whatever happened to ladytron. at one point they were poised to storm the charts and take over the world as heads of the burgeoning electroclash scene, before it developed into the very lame, very derivative nu-wave(at which point i lost interest in it...).
something unpretentious about the last shadow puppets, that i like... great music and ideas all coming together in one.

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