ring ring ring

took some major adding and subtracting layers for this old acid paper effect.
thanks to: playing with brushes for providing the background.
thanks to people who collaborated on this: H. who did the hair/wardrobe/make-up and McG who posed for the picture and looked characteristically solemn for the occasion(even though that's just her expression, not how she really is!), so that i could experiment and try out some new ideas...
this was treated in photoshop, sent to picknik, then back into photoshop again to be layered and subtracted...

more mcG... this time envisioned in vintage postcard colours... maybe i should do a layer of old paper texture, but this will suffice - tried a few of the old-school photo touch-up techniques on there too: blurring, toning and film grain... even the cack-handed way that they would hand-tint and force perspective (see the hairline against the brolly in the background)...and a very, very subtle vignette, just to give it an aged look.
ray bans
self portrait #1
self portrait #2
i have shitty eyes that are very susceptible to bright light(especially sunlight), so i love ray ban - especially since i suffered with ordinary sunglasses for years.
put a pair of these on in sunlight and you'll see the difference... the blue photo above with the keyboard reflected in the lense(thanks paul weller, isaac heyes, dave "baby" cortez and countless others...), is me wearing a fake pair of ray ban olympiad(wot i got from japan).
the tortoiseshell wayfarers saw me through a particularily gruelling holiday in spain... which although otherwise enjoyable had bright, bright sunshine...
not all wayfarer style either... the clubmaster is a new model they have re-issued, after someone at the company finally woke-up to the fact that the old styles are what people want... and not the "wacky" stuff they have been putting out for the last 20 years... and the round frames are the "orion" style, which i bought for H. for putting up with my obsession for sunglasses, recently.

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