there are a million stories in the concrete jungle

the august flickrmeet.
it's an odd event in some ways... it feels a bit oldschool - meeting-up with people off the internet, to interact in a group of photographers, but i always find it refreshing and challenging - being up against other people with cameras and competing in a friendly way for the best/quirkiest shot...
that's me in action, taken by pete ashton - birmingham media creative person birmingham flickrmeet founder and t-shirt fanatic...
flickr in some ways is still anti-photography, but with a creative eye, instead of the cold professional eye of the "expert"... the trick is not to see new lands, but to see the world with new eyes, as "the bus of thought" would say...and now and then flickr does throw up a good curveball to change the way i think about photography.

august birmingham flickr meet
thought i'd try some selective colour ideas for this session though... as i knew we'd be we wandering around an industrial area, there would be some ideas along those lines that i could find.
this one (below) featuring a damn good photographer called suselstahl taking a photo of a convex mirror, is a departure for me anyway, i'd wanted to use typeface for a long enough time, and incorporate it into the image... so here i got to do both, using a quote from verlaine in the process...
august birmingham flickr meet
and below, i got to excercise my sound affects mojo, and use some violet colour on the sky, besides getting an almost vorticist image from the lines and angles of buildings.
i've seen that deco tower from afar, and always been impressed by it's stance of design and aesthetic against the more functional buildings it looms over... i did cross over into a carpark to get some closer shots, and almost made it down a rather spooky alleyway, had i not disturbed a swarm of flies... that sent me running back to the sanctity of the street.
august birmingham flickr meet
the "cafe" image is probably the greatest and simplest shot i'll ever take, in a martin parr style anyway... the picture tells a story of comfort amongst the brutal fences and spikes, a handmade sign placed randomly on a mass-produced fence which itself reflects the conformity all around, a resting place for hungry travellers, and a beacon of light against a foreboding sky... i could go on for hours, and i probably will, but i'd sooner put some joy back in a town called malice...
august birmingham flickr meet
sometimes the simplest of images tell the stories.
this one below is a bit too PP for my liking, but it feels dramatic enough, and i can always put it in the context of my indexing art-deco buildings in the city(even a bus garage can be dramatic)
august birmingham flickr meet
i like the angry sky and the incomplete window pane...

by a strange quirk of fate, i've been offline for about a week, so i had a good few days of uninterrupted pondering over these images before committing them to the internet, i think it's done me some good in that respect, as i've pushed myself in different directions... in the past i would rush home and PP everything with a view to getting the pictures finished and online asap... but now i'm being more selective(i took 300 images), and spend time on each one.
someone on the meet was hoping for a rainbow, after we got stuck under a bridge for about 20 minutes in the rain, and eventually we found one here:
august birmingham flickr meet
it's nice to get about and about though, to go somewhere a bit eerie, even digbeth on a sunday is quiet and empty despite being so near the city centre, there were no crowds or double-parked cars full of people looking for something,
august birmingham flickr meet
so yet another sunday spent taking photos and learning off other people...

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