rockabilly, the beach boys and world record attempts

wahey... just finished a new track for the helvatones called "soul stroll", a major re-working of the famous tune, with organ and creepy guitar backline... i like it a lot!
it's cool... should upset the purists.
twangy guitar and organ... who would want anything more..?

ages ago, i started-up a myspace for ersel hickey... who he, you may ask?
he was the man who wrote "bluebirds over the mountain" and got himself featured in a famous photo:

i'd just bought an album by him that day, and was amazed that nobody had heard of him, except for those in the know... plus i needed a page to try out some code that i would plan to use later... so i put up a myspace and did some work on it... thinking no more of the project.
just this morning i checked the page out of curiousity... and lo and behold there's an email from the beach boys lawyer asking if i was the real ersel hickey, as they owe him some royalties from the bluebird song...
course this if this is a wind-up, it had me going for a few minutes... the real EH is a long gone daddy(as we say in rockabilly circles) and probably has agents still scouring the world for royalties for his estate, as he was towards the end, a famous and well-respected country artist.
i'm pretty sure that britney spear's lawyer would know sh*t like that!
i did check the net for the lawyer's name and it all seems fairly cosher... now i have to find EH's relatives and pass on the news that they may be due some money.
the myspace site wasn't too well sunscribed, but then it didn't help of course, that i'd used a photo of eddie cochran on the page, instead of the the man himself...

got some of my photos involved in the big picture, a world record breaking photo-mosiac... have i trawled through the million odd images that make it up, to see which of mine made it in... well yes, i spotted a few there!
when the invite went out to people on flickr, MY photo (below) was the first one to go into the pool, as i'd been the first person to get back to him about it - according to steph, wot designed the thing...
ironically, it's a polaroid of steph explaining the concept to the birmingham flickr group...

that's tim ellis on the left, and h4num4n on the right

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