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august birmingham flickr meet
i've ditched the recent helvatones track, i wasn't "feeling" it... great backline, but i couldn't get ahead with it... onto the next track, a 50's inspired organ slow strolling number... more when it happens.
get with the beat daddio... i'm feeling inspired - having watched the loveless yet again... great music, great colour, brilliant photography and dubious acting... my kind-of film.
once called the only existential biker movie... just great bikes, and serious colour co-ordination... if you ever watch one film in your life, let it be this one
i sort-of got promoted at work(possibly briefly, but it could lead to new places... and more money for tattoos, camera gear and vintage clothing heh-heh), just wait for the first initial ****-up to happen, when people are made to realise that i an new at the job, and all the stuff they take for granted doesn't automatically happen.
i've been there before, new job, new stuff to learn - this time though, it really is in at the deep end... kind-of exciting and scary at the same time(i celebrated by leaving 10 minutes early, but then i started early too).
i'm planning a shoot with a quartet of northern burlesque lasses... kim from an earlier shoot, sent my profile to one of those category things on myspace, which i browsed and saw lots of other photographers as well as models and hairdressers/make-up people.
i picked someone at random, who looked reasonably sane, she's in a burlesque troupe and wanted to know if i was up for shooting three of them... so now i'm talking to "caffeine nick" who lives in their area about a possible venue, maybe an old cinema... if the cinema want any money though, then we'll do the shoot in studio eightball, without all that hassle... although i would rather take it to the cinema, maybe i can use the usual "you'll get promotion" blag, as no money is being exchanged between me and the girls...
when i'm at work, i take great pleasure in illicitly reading the blog of pete ashton, who i caught up with briefly at the recent flickr meet, and he's put-up a link to here... not that it's of any interest to whoever reads this as you are already here, but i digress.
excellent reading though, often informative and usually very witty.
pete took the image of me shooting a bit of broken lamp post in digbeth the other weekend(my memory card ran out on me... just as i took the shot!)...
tonight is the last night of my food doctor diet, that me and the other half have been doing for a month... i admit to only following it 80% of the time as i have a high metabolism, but giving-up tunnocks wafers for gojji berries has helped me shed 1.5 stone and about 2 inches off my waist... plus, having given up drinking vast amounts of tea all day and having other drinks to perk me up(no alcohol either!), i feel a heck of a lot more awake and motivated...
at some point i really need to talk to alan haven, and get some more people on his myspace... alan, i haven't forgotten...
so i've got a busy weekend reading training manuals for my new position... i'll treat it like a college exam or something similar and crib... been wanting to get my teeth into some of this stuff at work for ages!
august birmingham flickr meet

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