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shirt ad
my new ad for the webshop.
sometimes, i forget just how much i like neville brody's artwork, then i produce an image like the one above...
someone at work was asking about the shop today, a very nice but straightlaced lady, who liked the sound of the clothes we have there... i warned her slightly about the gallery - which has little to do with me(i have a couple of photos on there, on the whole it is other people's work and is organised by H. as is most of the website... in general, i only take pictures of german mannequins in shirts!).

we are putting men's shirts in the shop now though... new bowling shirts and lounge shirts, plus i did spend a good few hours washing and ironing some vintage tikki shirts... which was actually quite enjoyable for a retro-fanatic.
and we are branching out... can't give any details away at this point, new names have been mooted and researched - and ideas have been aired successfully.
it's quite exciting though - the possibilities are endless, and if it all comes together, then some damn fine "stuff" will happen... as you know, there is always a shortage of good stuff happening around these days.

as for models - i'm crap at arranging them anyway, much too scattergun in my approach... i have two who are quite keen and with the arrival of some new equipment for the studio i will be able to do them some justice... a lamp rig and a decent backdrop frame... no more pinning the drape to stuff on the wall by the door... even if the results so far have been pretty good, it all adds to the stress of setting-up and impinges on my images when the backdrop is too short.
hopefully the models will still want to work with me... after all this time.
luckily i'm able to tell them that i don't do creepy stuff, as it's not where i'm at(you'd be surprised to learn just how many people associate shooting models with basic underwear shots... i'm not down on photographers who want to do that, good luck to them... its just that i'm into hurrell's hollywood style, or richard heeps or levis dexter's images of his wife... there's so much more to it all...).
i advertised on a modelling forum that H. recommended and these two were probably closest to the sort of model i was aiming for... i did get quite a few professional models asking if they could do some photos... but i want to work with people who know where i'm coming from, who like the same music i like... etc... etc...

anyway, as well as new stuff arriving for the studio, i have my new organ to work with:
a roland vk09, basically a hammond b3 clone.... sounds fairly jazzy on it's own and it stands up well against the crumar composer i've been using(and better than my hammond did, oddly enough!), but add some gain from my amp, and it turns into john lord from deep purple... i may have to try "smoke on the water" just for the sheer screaming sounds i can get... it's about time i did something HEAVY.
although, i am content to be the next booker T or jimmy smith as usual.
i have finally got round to recording and releasing a new track for the first time in about a year... entitled blue shack... which is quite well... bluesy for want of a better description, just me taking a phrase and running with it, i like it a lot, and you can hear it here on the helvatones site.

is this the time to mention my regard for hammond organ party albums... and maybe list some of them... maybe not, i'll stick to mentioning blue note albums i think, and not blow my cool just yet.
anyway here's carmel's great album from the early 80's that i like, which has some very subtle hammond on it:
carmel/the drum is everything
i'll save that organ thing for another time, but here's something wot i wrote back in 2003 about the genre

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