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i was initially browsing the racks of vinyl in my local thriftshop, as i'd spotted an original otis redding album there... so in true acquisitive style... if you find one decent album, chances are there are more lurking behind the 80's synthpop, showaddywaddy and endless smooth classical albums.
it may be noted already that i enjoy hammond organ albums, but this pastime is not brand-specific when it comes to alan haven.
you may or may not have heard of him, but you will certainly have heard him... he played with john barry back in the 60's on the soundtrack to "the knack and how to get it" which featured rita tushingham, micheal crawford (who discovered his frank spencer character here) and ray brooks as the very smooth tolen, a mocker who could pull large amounts of women on a daily basis.
alan haven was also featured on the in crowd boxset back in the 90's, with his famous image track.
so, i've been after a good album of his for a long time... he's quite hard to get a hold of on cd or vinyl and i even resorted to emailing the man himself on his website, and DAMN he emailed me back with some exciting info that he's working on re-releasing his back catalogue.
last time i contacted one of these 60's keyboard legends, i ended-up shaking hands with none other than zoot money himself...
zoot money
who turned-out to be a top bloke as well as a real character... that's him in the middle of the photo, with andy summers(later of the police) on his right.
but, to digress no further, on the racks i found this:
alan haven - organ magic 1974
yes it is a terrible sleeve, which is why the eagle-eyed local vinyl vultures probably passed it by, thankfully.
here's the original sleeve, featuring the man himself:

the orange sleeve is an 1974 re-issue of the original 1967 haven for sale album.... and contains lots of walk on the wild side styled organ and orchestra sounds, very bigbeat and very swirling in it's execution.... a lot like jimmy smith, but without his famous sonic histrionics... sort of like comparing jimi hendrix to jimmy page really...
his style of playing is different to most organ players from that 60's period as he eschewed the hammond b3 in favour of the lowrey heritage organ, which had a lighter sound to it... not that it detracts from his playing, it does make him stand out though... and his footwork on the bass pedals is legendary.
here he is in the 60's laying down hard days night:

and here are some of the hammond organ albums i have on vinyl(not including any cd material)

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