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douglas furs at the hare and hounds 26 june 2008

i should get out more...
i spend too much time huddled over old guitars, keyboards, cameras... whatever.
so a friend from work invited me out to see her partner's band the douglas furs play in my old stomping ground of kings heath(well alright, it was moseley but i'm trying to keep it linear here...), in the hare and hounds, where i haven't been in years.... in fact the last time i was there, i'm sure it was to see a friend's band who were supported by someone called phil the goat (or squid inc. or something witty...) and i swear he's playing guitar in one of the support bands on tonight!
kind of odd coming back after 10 years... a lot of water under the bridge since then, none of the old crowd around(well it is a thursday...), i haven't been to an indie gig in a long time either... for the last couple of years it's been strictly rockabilly or blues bands... or the palookaville orchestra... but no floppy haired guitar flailing.
the douglas furs are on after a couple of other other bands who are all fairly innocuous in their own way... interesting opening salvos followed by slightly plodding poppish new-wave in the style of no fx, green day, offspring et al... and a lookalike from from my time here.
and laughably it's over £5 for two drinks... which probably explains why the barman dropped his mobile phone when i asked for a drink ho-ho.... i guess i'm just used to working men's social clubs, where anything so expensive would get the barstaff lynched by thirsty patrons.

ironically, even though katie asked me to take some pictures of teh furs, the ones i take of the previous band come out better(see above)... which is typical of my way of working i suppose.
the firs though are rather good... (warning - i have a trainspotterish attitude to music), they remind of a beefed-up XTC meets the pixies with a healthy dose of maximo park thrown in for good measure, just to keep it contemporary... i'm quite taken with their unpretentious sound and attitude.
hopefully we can get together again sometime, i like the idea of taking some photos of them in the studio... maybe just to document that nascent period in a band's lifetime, but it would also be good to capture the studio atmosphere of mouldy carpets and broken drumsticks... without me having to actually lug any instruments there for once!
squid ink, gettit..?
it was a semiotic comment on capitalism being armed by suckers... or something.
anyway, here's the douglas furs on the night:

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