it's been a long week... monday computer training in a building in town where i "could've" ended-up working in back in 1994 (luckily i escpaed that particular world as it didn't want me and i didn't want to be there!) before finding myself in oldbury at 8 in the evening, waiting for a cab whilst standing next to a box containing a german 1950's mannequin - an upbeat way to start the week.
the thought of having a sackload of hawian shirts arrive on thursday did keep me going through it all, gotta love wholesale bargains on e-bay.
these days i've got a thing for the work of george hurrell and general hollywood style photography... the meeting of noire and glamour in an image, apart from the obvious vintage appeal and maybe with a hefty dose of colour cast and post-processing... i like to work it all out, how it's done - it's really that point where photography starts to happen for me.


they had great cameras back then, no doubt - but the secret is (for me) to use crappy lighting... i used a hand-held light for this one, no flash only available lighting with the spot on the face... i need to get this all working soon enough though - two or three big projects coming-up that will require me to have the technique spot-on.
one with a professional model and the other involving a nuclear bunker!
more of those later...

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